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Hand Saws

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Medium Keyhole Saw

No image set
Sales price: $21.00

Large Keyhole Saw with Pistol Grip for ice carving. 18 cm or 7...

Product details

Medium Japanese Hand Saw

Sales price: $282.50

Medium Hand Saw, 16.25" blade and 28" overall length. New photo...

Product details

Large Japanese Hand Saw

Sales price: $378.75

32.5" Large Hand Saw for ice carving. New photo to be added...

Product details

Small Keyhole Saw

Sales price: $18.00

Small Japanese Keyhole Saw for carving ice: 84mm 4 1/4in.

Product details

Pistol Grip Japanese Hand Saw

Sales price: $150.00

Pistol Grip Japanese Hand Saw, 15" blade and 22" overall length....

Product details

Large Keyhole Saw

Sales price: $28.00

Large Keyhole Saw with Pistol Grip. 21cm or 8 1/2 in.

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