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Ice Block Makers & Equipment

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Portable Platform Sculpture Lift

Sales price: $525.00

Portable Platform Ice Sculpture Lift. MUST CALL TO ORDER!...

Product details

Cardboard Boxes

No image set
Sales price: $50.05

Cardboard Boxes for ice carving blocks. CALL TO ORDER!

Product details

Down Rigger

Sales price: $175.00

Freeze items in your clear ice carving block makers with ease...

Product details

Carving Block Hoist Model HST

Sales price: $1,850.00

Clinebell Carving Block Hoist Model HST.

Product details

Premium Plastic Liners (case)

No image set
Sales price: $150.00

Premium Plastic Liners case of 100. For use in ice carving block...

Product details

Plastic Liners (case)

No image set
Sales price: $125.00

Plastic Liners case of 100. For use in ice carving block maker.

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CB 300X2D Carving Block Maker

Sales price: $5,250.00

CB 300X2D Carving Block MakerClinebell Crystal Clear Carving...

Product details

CB 300X2E Carving Block Maker for Export

Sales price: $7,000.00

Clinebell Crystal Clear Carving Block Maker with one 1/2hp...

Product details

Pump Bracket

Sales price: $8.00

Pump Bracket for large, or medium circulating pump. (1U-MD-1 or...

Product details

Long Arm Pump Bracket

Sales price: $16.00

Long Arm Pump Bracket to be used with RF1100-SIL ice carving...

Product details

March Large Circulating Pump

Sales price: $130.00

Large Circulating PumpLarge Circulating Pump 115 volt. Use with...

Product details

March Circulating Pump for Export

Sales price: $150.00

March Circulating Pump for Export To be used with ice carving...

Product details

Ice Magic IM5000 Turbo 5 Block Ice Maker

Sales price: $6,000.00

Used 5 Block Ice Maker

Product details

Carving Block Maker

Sales price: $4,688.00

Product details