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Samurai (Chisel Sharpening)

Your original, exclusive ice chisel service since 1982 with 100% satisfaction guarantee to care for your expensive tools as my own. I have been personally trained in Japan by Sensei Mitsuo Shimizu who initially helped introduce carving techniques, lessons and chisels to America back in the 1960’s. As a professional courtesy to fellow carvers, my prices are virtually unchanged for over three decades. ANY chisel, flat, gouge, or ‘V’ measuring under 3” across cutting edge is still only $15.00 ANY chisel of 3” width is still only $20.00 *included at no extra cost is refinishing and staining all wood as needed *setting correct cutting angle, all chip removal *rust removal and minor damage repair *brilliant polishing on a razor sharp edge *turn-around shipping time within one week *broken handles repaired for material cost only (Exotic woods now available: African Padauk, Wenge, Zebrawood, Black Walnut, Jatoba, Lacewood, and Brazilian Redwood. All fabulous grain, color, and dense.) Each chisel requires over seven steps using the best modern technology and ancient natural stones from Northern Japan, all in the tradition of a small custom business. I do not sell books, chisels, tools: focus is on one thing-sharpening. Virtually no one has this experience outside Japan for the price and attention your tools deserve. As a NICA member since forever, thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Pre-pay shipping: PO Box 44, Golden, CO 80402 or 14849 West 76th Drive, Arvada, CO 80007

or call Michael Pizzuto @